Sunday, April 02, 2023



Casual gamers who are about helping each other to get the most out of our limited gaming time so we can all have a FUN TIME GAMING.

Gamers from around the World of all ages here to chat share Gaming News,Info,Hints,Cheats and meet new people to play multiplayer games with. Most of our members either work/study full-time have families so our gaming time is limited hence we are The Weekend Warriors. Our aim of this Community is to help all of our members get the most out of their gaming time we have a strong group of core players who are always willing to help anyone that needs it, they are GE-RDS “GEEK-NERDS” a guild title held by those who continue to put themselves out to help our friends in need. Any group member has permission to start gaming relevant conversations or post info that might help other members But be respectful of what is posted as we have members from around the world SO BE NICE or DON’T BE HERE